Lets Split the Bill

The thing is I don’t drink Alcohol at all, My friends and work colleagues know and respect that, and even though they are not members of the church are supportive of this, and protective of me on nights out.

However, the wild work night out still presents a Dilemma. The question remains do you join in and fight hard not to lower or compromise your standards or do you politely decline and risk valuable friendships and relationships because you never join in.

This weekend I went for the first option, and after spending, days and hours deliberating over a trendy outfit suitable to hit the town with that still met church standards and getting all glammed up and ready to go. I drive to the chosen destination, locate the meeting venue and walk in.

So first thing is first is the colleagues telling me how beautiful I look and how they would never choose something like that but I pull it off really well and still make it look cool and edgy. Whilst they are sat there with chests and thighs, and in some cases butt cheeks on show. Not sure whether to be flattered or offended but at least I am not being leered at by some of the less satisfactory clientele.

The next issue is at dinner as we are eating the wine is flowing, except for me I am sticking with the soft drinks. And the conversation gets louder and louder and more and more inappropriate. There comes a point where you feel the need to remind people that unlike everyone else what has been said at this table I will remember in the morning and has now been permanently etched on my brain for eternity (if only you could bleach your brain).

The bill arrives and thanks to the copious amount of alcohol that has been consumed is now more than double what it would have been with just the food. And then comes the comment “Lets Just Split the Bill”. Excuse me but there is no way on this earth that I want to pay double my bill to compensate for your alcohol consumption, heck no!! But do you fight it and risk looking like a total priss or just cough up for their devil juice.  I went for the facial expression of disgust to which someone piped up let’s take the bottles of wine off and we can pay for those separately. That made it better but I still ending up contributing towards several drinks that I did not consume.

Off to the next bar, where I have now apparently become some sort of prop and walking aid for the more inebriated of the group. Now they are getting really drunk and the comment comes out “Just one drink, Who’s watching?”.

Well I tell you who God!!!

“Yeah but he won’t care its not like its murder or anything”


“I wish I had your self-control”

Gee thanks it never sounds very convincing coming from the drunk.

And this is around the point where I decide to cut my losses make my excuses and leave.

They say that the Holy Spirit can not go with you into a bar, and I know deep down its right. I does not stop me from going into them but it does make me usually very choosy about the ones I go into. We have our Agency and can choose to remain strong in such circumstances but we do need to rember that we can be exposed to situations that threaten our standards despite our best efforts.

How would you deal with this situation?? Help so as I can best avoid a next time.